Design Loft




26 Ft²

Situated on the third floor of our redesigned family house, the Design Loft is the one on top, made just for two. Ideal for design lovers, couples, friends or business travelers seeking for a city break in a cozy environment. In the old days, you would find a small room for the maid and another room for the family’s paraphernalia in here, while today, a stylish studio is waiting to welcome you.

The urban modernity of this cozy loft will make you feel like home. Contemporary furniture is carefully selected in here as well to enhance the pleasure we would like you to feel. Your sleep will be one of a kind at the king size bed with COCO-MAT mattress. Your coffee or wine at the spacious, private terrace overlooking the Cretan sea and the mount Stroumpoulas will be a memorable one. The kitchenette of the flat is fully equipped as in our family we always accepted good food is good mood.

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